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Sister Nature Rocks

Fire Energy Pyramid

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Protect your energetic field and connect to the element of Fire and her energy. These Fire inspired pyramids contain a Copper coiled Clear Quartz Crystal along with our *Orgonite blend and infused with 528Hz, Solfeggio Frequencies and Reiki energy. Available in sizes: Mini, Small, Medium & Large and can also be purchased as a complete set ideal for gridding, see drop-down options below.

Orgonites help in protecting from EMFs and other harmful radiation such as emitted from electronics, WIFI, 5G, etc. They also promote better sleep, facilitate meditation and increased vitality, energy and immune system.

*For more info., see Ingredients below.


Hand-crafted with our blend of Elite Shungite, Tourmaline, Selenite, Iron-Oxide, Azomite, Copper, Brass, Quartz & Micca Powders for color.