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Passion, Process & Purpose

Our orgonite blend contains layers of Elite Shungite, Tourmaline, Selenite, Iron-oxide, Copper, Brass, Azomite and other intentionally selected genuine crystals and metals. Each of these high vibrational materials are used with purpose for their powerful properties that benefit mind, body, energy & soul focusing on EMF protection.

Our process includes hand grinding our materials with intention in a meditative form in which our vessel becomes a clear channel through which we extend only high frequency light, love, healing and empowerment into our creations. Each layer is infused with Solfeggio frequencies and 528Hz (DNA repair). Keep in mind due to the nature of our hand-craft process, every creation is unique and imperfect.

Our passion is to help bring high quality healing properties of aesthetic
beauty and balance along with positive affirmations from our hearts to
yours in support of a nature seeking sisterhood and orgonite community.

  • NOW OFFERRING: dㆆTERRA essential oil products

    As part of our continued efforts in helping you connect to the power
    of nature and become more mindful of what you put on your skin and
    around you, we are now including Doterra essential oils and products as
    part of our offerings!

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