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Flower of Life Orgonite EMF Protection Stickers

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Some of the many benefits of Orgonite are to help protect against the harmful effects of EMFs and radiation emitting from your electronics, WIFI, 5G towers, etc.

Our EMF Protection Orgonite Stickers are intentionally hand-crafted and intended to permanently stick onto the backside of your cellphone, tablet or laptop to help protect from EMF & radiation effects on your body, mind & energy.

To use just peel back the top, thin layer of the sticker (located on the backside of the Orgonite), hold in place for a few seconds to the backside of your electronic and you're all set!

In addition to the Ingredients listed below, these also contain Gold Leaf in the Blue & Green color options.


Hand-crafted with our blend of Elite Shungite, Tourmaline, Selenite, Iron-Oxide, Azomite, Copper, Brass, Quartz & Micca Powders for color.