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Sister Nature Rocks

Purple Beach

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This fabulous 7 in. bracelet gives off major magical beach vibes featuring Purple Jasper, Chrysocolla and brown Lava Rocks

Purple Jasper carries all the genetic properties of Jasper, which is also known as the 'Supreme Nurturer', and is beneficial for support during times of stress, absorbing negative energy, providing protection, balancing yin and yang, electromagnetic and environmental pollution, radiation, prolonged illness and hospitalization and circulation.

Chrysocolla being an excellent auric cleanser and powerful energy conduit, is a useful stone for meditation and communication. It is beneficial in drawing off negative energies and emotions, stabilizing the home and reversing destructive programming.

Lava Rocks, also known as grounding and protection stones, can help bring balance and focus and can also be further enhanced with various essential oils to help relieve anxiety and stress.


Hand-crafted with our blend of Elite Shungite, Tourmaline, Selenite, Iron-Oxide, Azomite, Copper, Brass, Quartz & Micca Powders for color.