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Tensor Ring Pendants

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Wear your own beam of positive energy! These tensor rings are made of Copper which is a micro-crystalline structure and energy conducting metal. This technology creates a tensor field inside the ring and the closed loop coil creates an energy flow which emits a harmonic to a specific frequency. The copper wire aligns the crystalline within the wire to create a one way flow of piezoelectric current. This means tensor rings create a beam of positive energy going out of both ends, a column of infinite light energy that can be beneficial and healing to all life forms.

This has an impact on the molecular structure of water and its energetic components bringing it back to its original crystalline structure. It can also turn acidic water to a neutral PH overnight, restructure magnetics, clear EMF smog, reduce swelling of tissue, stabilize biomagnetic and energy fields of the body, enhance plant growth and health, assist in connecting with the spiritual realms and so many more benefits.

These tensor rings are made at specific cubit lengths (Egyptian measurements) which allows the ring to produce a specific healing frequency.

Available in 2 sizes : Small & Large (see drop-down selection).

The smaller sized tensor rings are known as Royal Cubit. This measurement originates from the King's Chamber of The Great Pyramid which is known for its work in the physical.

The larger sized tensor rings are known as Fire Ring. This measurement emits a very high frequency.

This collection of energy tools are created by our friend, Leon @chemfailaus. We are featuring and assisting with spreading his copper creations to our community and across the nation as the regulations and freedoms of his country, Australia, are worsening.

Thank you for making a difference with your purchase.


Hand-crafted with our blend of Elite Shungite, Tourmaline, Selenite, Iron-Oxide, Azomite, Copper, Brass, Quartz & Micca Powders for color.